Company Profile

Gulf Sea Breeze is established in 2004 to meet with the growing needs of Gulf Air Conditioning and Refrigeration market. And has built its reputation & market position on the basis of its commitment towards providing the highest quality services to thew prestigious customers.

Our years of experience and expertise in this domain have assisted us to become one of the most trusted and recognized name In this filed and endowed us with an ability to offer inspired solutions to your difficulties, even in adverse and complex situations.

We are fully equipped with modern technologies and have extensive network, and have maintained good infra-structure with a ware house facility to offer wide range of products of higher quality and performance at best competitive price and ensuring prompt delivery, to better facilitate and meet all our valuable customer's commercial needs and demands on time

Our team of qualified skilled engineers, technicians, technical support staff and administrators are always standing by to deliver you the highest levels of customer service backed by years of expertise to handle all aspects of your requirements.

We are trusted by more than 300+ clients

Our Mission

Proceed towards excellence and becoming trusted partner for quality and reliability

Our Vision

Service with Excellence

17+ years experience

Work Force Available

Gulf Sea Breeze team force are geared to accept the challenge and to offer genuine and cost effective solutions to all your particular needs and are equipped with specialized categories:

  • Skilled diploma holding Air-conditioning and Refrigeration technicians
  • Welders experienced in TIG, MIG, Brazing and soldering
  • Fabricators specialized in the skills needed to fabricate ductworks
  • Riggers experienced in the moving and dismantling of air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment's
  • Engineering supervisors and corresponding respective incharges used to work both in the workshop and in the field, sometimes under arduous conditions
  • All engineering supervisors are specialized in the organizational and technical skills required to complete site work within schedule time frame, while ensuring efficient control of procedures, effective manpower and needful equipment's necessary to guarantee the quality of work

Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Gulf Sea Breeze is committed to protect its personnel and other resources from accidents or loss, thus promoting greater
business ethically and efficiently while maintaining environment Friendly approach.
This will be achieved through:

  • Suitable assessment of risks to which employees may be exposed and acting upon the root causes, And keep on promoting Safety, Health & Environment protection awareness amongst the company's personnel by continuous familiarization and training sessions
  • Suitable assessment of accidents and near misses in order to adopt the most effective preventive measures and disciplinary actions
  • Continuous improvement of the company's Safe Working & Environment Protection practices through periodically reviews and training activities
  • Health, Safety & Environment Protection is an integral and vital part of every function of our company. Our administrative department and management team, systemically organize, plan, implement, measures and review all levels of our Company activities and strives to better compliance with Marine standards and preventive measures

Therefore employees are encouraged to promote Safety, Health & Environment protection within the company and to make a personal commitment for carrying out all their activates within the spirit of this policy

Quality Assurance Policy

Gulf Sea Breeze is committed to implement and maintain an effective and most efficient Quality System that embraces all facets of its objects and can cope up with all of our valuable customer's demands.
This will be achieved through:

  • Deal with all of our valuable customer queries with full support and in most professional manners while ensuring responsibility and reliability in all areas of our work undertaken.
  • Periodically review all company work practices in light of productiveness and efficiency in order to ensure customer satisfaction
  • To ensure all employees ployees and field staff their responsibility to deliver quality products and services and always seek-, for improvement at each stage of their work life
  • Periodically assessment of possible flaws and errors in company work line and safe work environment to better eliminate errors and share good practices and to learn from each other experiences
  • Seeks continuous improvement at each stage of company's work activities through periodically reviews and training sessions
  • Promoting team work and friendly environment to have partnership with employees, field staff, contractors, customers, suppliers and regulators to strengthen operational performance and increase customer satisfaction